Own Name £50.00 Ready Made £50.00

To include:

  • Original Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • First Minutes and Forms for the Appointment of Directors and Secretaries (288a)
  • Forms for the Transfer of Registered Office (287)
  • Share Certificates and Share Transfer Forms
  • Combined Register (Minutes, Register of Members, Directors and Secretaries interests, allotments and charges)
  • Certificate of non-trading (indicates that the Company has not yet traded)
  • Payment of all Government fees
  • Dispatched by 1st Class post
  • includes free domain name and email address

Electronic Formation
Use our unique all electronic formation service.

  • No need for signatures !
  • No need for delivery of paper forms !
  • Appointment of you as first director (s)
  • Faster electronic formations
  • Low cost formation service only £50

8 Hour Express UK Company Formation Service

For people who need companies really fast our 8 working hours Company formation service is the answer. The service allows you to form a company in 8 working hours (Working hours are: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). You can select the express option in Step 2 of our online formation process.

Why our companies are better?

We form companies with you as the first directors, and shareholders, other agents form companies using agent director (s) then resign and transfer the shares to your directors. The presence of these agent directors and shareholders leads to confusion and delay when opening bank accounts, or anything involving credit transactions for your company like opening a merchant account or lease arrangements. The reason is that anyone doing a search of your company will find the first shareholders were not yourselves but the agent, they will then ask proof from yourselves that the shares have been transferred to yourselves, to confirm that you are in fact the owner of the company. We form CLEAN COMPANIES you are appointed as director (s) and shareholder at the outset. It means no other director or shareholder other than the ones you appoint will appear in the company registry.

Ready Made company with
Bank Account already opened

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Premium Companies
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Premium Companies
Great company names
from £150 to onword
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